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Problems with a Poorly Maintained Roof

Potential issues associated with roofs that are not maintained and cleaned regularly include three main things: an unattractive appearance, growth of mold, mildew, and algae, and accumulation of debris that can cause gutter backups and even leaks. The first of these problems involves maintaining high property value, having pride of place, and ensuring your home or business does not stick out like a sore thumb on your street or in your neighborhood.

The growth of mold, mildew, and algae contribute to stains and discolorations on the roof that affects how attractive it is. However, they also present serious problems. Over time, the moisture and root growth work together to break down roofing materials and cause structural damage. The same type of problem exists when debris builds up, clogs gutters, scrapes over shingles or shakes, and increases the chance of leaks. When a single roof cleaning appointment can minimize such serious risks, makes sense to set one up as soon as possible.



The Expert Roof Cleaning Process

Instead of knocking moss, falling branches, leaves, and other things off the roof with extremely high pressure, we focus on delivering the safest and most effective roof cleaning services. High-pressure water jets can damage some roofing materials and cause leaks where there were none before. We take care to investigate the situation and formulate a specific plan that will get rid of debris and organic growth without damaging your shingles, shakes, and more. We are so committed to your complete satisfaction, that we take the time and expense to train every technician understand the best practices as soon as they come on your property and assess the situation.

Contact uswith any questions about the roof cleaning services we offer in Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. We are proud to serve both residential and commercial customers who need the type of professional help that only the best can provide. You will get a clear and understandable price quote you can trust. Enjoy highly professional service with no hidden fees or surprises after the service is complete.

The roof of your residential home or commercial business is both one of the most important parts of the property to maintain and the most potentially dangerous to do it yourself.

In order to avoid injury and damage to your roof, while getting the cleanest result possible, call the experts. We provide roof power washing services for all types of properties in Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania. Trust the professionals to get the job done right with no surprises.

Roof cleaning matters to remove dirt and debris but also to minimize wear and damage caused by the growth of moss, mildew, and more. Over time, all of these things accumulate and can start to break down the shingles or other roofing material. When you schedule regular cleaning and maintenance, you can increase the longevity of the roof itself.

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