Water Extraction

Water damage can be a result of many factors such as broken piping, ruptured water lines, floods but the most common here in Pennsylvania and Maryland are failed sump pumps in your homes basement. Unfortunately,  damage can occur from water in your homes and businesses if this water isn't taken out immediately. One of our core services at Dri-Masters Carpet Cleaning is emergency water extractions. Our team of professionals have been highly trained in water removal, and clean up. Our thorough knowledge of water extraction sets us apart from other companies in the area and allows us to properly respond to any type of water extraction quickly - typically within 30 minutes of any area. Call us today to find out more about our Emergency Water Extraction Services.

Servicing: South Central & Eastern Pennsylvania / Central & Western Mayland

Process and Services: 

Initial Inspection and Scope: Dri-Masters Service Technician will quickly assess the water damage and then prepare a scope of the work which will include a cost estimate. The work begins as soon as the scope is approved by you.

Insurance: Dri-Masters does not currently accept insurance. We are the company you call if you do not want to spend a ton of money or before you make an insurance claim.

Confirmation: Once the work is complete, you and your Dri-Masters will do a walk through to make sure everything has been completed and the work is up to your standards and satisfaction. 
Dri-Masters Carpet Cleaning  is looking forward to working with you and serving you in the best possible way. We strive make you 100% satisfied with your home or business and we pride ourselves on seeing you happy with our work.

Please call Dri-Masters today at 1-800-897-4032