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It is important to understand that the lint and the debris are the most flammable elements, and hence they are danger factors in household disaster if not taken them seriously. Before you have a problem, there is always a sign of it coming to you. Understand them! An indicator that serves you best is that your dryer is taking extra time to dry your clothing or your clothes feeling hotter than normal at the end of its cycle.

The lint is like a ticking bomb!

Having conversed with so many people they termed that, they don't worry about the lint or the debris factor because of the clean and clear their filter after every drying cycle. But, do you know that this single step is not useful when thinking about the dryer vent cleaning. The fact is that the fine particles make through your dryer vents, and if they get clogged, you might face a severe problem and a threat to life. Lint is a highly combustible element that can get collected both in the dryer as well as in the dryer vent areas. The accumulated lint leads to reduced free air flow and raises the chances of potential hazards.

But do you know what the lint is made up of?

Lints are the tiny clothing fibers and the debris on the clothes. It gets collected as the clothing move with the drum of the dryer vent. The dryer filter traps most of the lint, but there is always a small amount of lint that is carried through the vent system along with moisturized air.

Is the lint, a risk factor to your household?

According to U.S Fire Administration, the leading and one of the most important causes of the ignition in clothing dryer fires is an operational deficiency, which sums up to 47% of the cases. Failing to clean deemed for 72% of the cases in this category; this is about approximately 34% of all the clothing dryer fires in the residential places.

Have you been through the setup guidelines?

The overall length of your dryer vent should never exceed 35 feet. The codes state that dryer vents should be made of metal with smooth interiors finishing. Even though now manufacturers say that plastic, flexible ducts during venting should be avoided; the older homes still use these systems. The plastic would only add up the additional reason to the fire.

It is necessary that the vent system should exhaust directly outside the house; but in buildings where the vents exhaust somewhere inside the house, there is always a higher risk of breaking a fire. Some vents have been discovered to vent into an attic, filling the attic with the lint and debris!

A fire that begins inside the dryer vent itself can immediately spread through the venting system accumulated with fibers and debris, resulting in a full-blown home fire.

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