Dryer Vent Cleaning in Fairfax, VA

Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Dryer Vent

Does cleaning a dryer vent seem a problem to you? Does it bother you, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a dryer and a dryer vent? Not anymore, Dri-Masters will give you a series of steps that will help you to clean your dryer and keep dryer vent problems at bay. I guess this will make you a little happy because a systematically follow chart is always a boon to guide us and carry the steps accordingly.

Step 1:

A dryer with a lint filter on the top:

You need to remove the screws below the lint screen and jerk the top section in forwarding direction & lift it in the upward position to release it from catches at the corners.

Step 2:

Discard the front panel:

You need to remove the screws close to the top, then tip the front forward and hold it clear of the bottom catches and the drum.

Step 3:

You have to clean the lint and the debris:

When cleaning the accumulated lint, you have to use a proper and defined brush. Remove the lint and debris collected in the lint filter opening by that brush and vacuum all around the drum area.

Step 4:

A step for a dryer having a front access panel:

Slide a screwdriver inside the gap at the top of the bottom panel at the two catches to free the panel.

Step 5:

Do not forget to vacuum the lint:

It is necessary to vacuum the motor, the vent of the dryer and the interior of the dryer. Clean carefully with the wirings and other small parts to avoid any breakage.

These are basic five steps that you need to go through when you want to clean a dryer and its vent back home. But, cleaning a dryer vent is a difficult job, and you need to take extra efforts to get that finishing touch, and still, you won't.

For this you have a solution known as professional cleaning service, Dri-Masters are the ones who provide professional cleaning to your dryers at minimum cost and with mess-free work. Serving customers for 20+ years are itself a mark of appreciation and a trust that is held by customers on them. So, people in Fairfax can immediately hire their service for dryer vent cleaning to experience the best service in town.

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