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Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Protect your clothes and importantly all the other things with these simple yet essential tips

So, next time if you find something fishy or if you haven't cleaned your dryer vent for the extended period, do think of the consequences sometimes they might be dreadful too!

Do you want to know some useful tips, to help you solve problems and get rid of all those hindrances that fluctuate the performance of your dryer vent! I can assist you with that; I will be sharing three basic steps that you need to work on:

 Step 1: Evacuate the lint screen-

An important step to be concerned of, you need to follow religiously every time you make use of your dryer. Every time means after every single use, not every week or month.  If you allow the lint to settle on the screen of your dryer vent, heated air won’t travel freely through the device; this will increase the long drying times.

Step 2: Clean your dryer and the dryer vent-

Even if you clean the lint screen properly, you might find small fibers of your clothing trapped through and into your vent of the dryer. If you leave this area unchecked, the lint build up will slowly grow and result in a snowball that would dread a fire inside your dryer vent. That is the only reason, which makes it difficult to clean your dryer after every few days or so, which depends on how often you use the dryer and the types of clothing that you use in your dryer.

It's an easy task, considering you can access the vent of the dryer by pulling the dryer away from the wall (if this is not possible then you will have to hire a professional); whenever you think of starting the cleaning process disconnect the dryer from its main power supply at your home. Then followed by this you have to disconnect the vent from your dryer and vacuum both the ends.

It has been observed that a device named LINT LIZARD can be attached at the end of your vacuum. This tool is great at pulling the lint, so it is worth the investment. Just be careful of the sharp point of the LINT LIZARD, they might be harmful to the flexibility of dryer ducts manufactured of foil or plastic. So, it is always recommended to have metal dryer ducts, because they are adamant and don't drop quickly making way for the free flow of lint.

Step 3: Clean the sensors-

All the latest designed dryers have inbuilt moisture sensors, developed to indicate the laundry's dampness and shut down when the clothing are dry. Due to frequent use, they might get covered with the film of lint, often when you use dryer sheets. The accumulation of the lint can prevent the sensors to work because they will either be damped or overcooked.

To avoid these problems, just clean the sensors with the cotton ball and rub them with alcohol after every few days. The location of the sensors is usually below the door of your dryer; and, if you don't find them then look for the user’s manual to locate them.

Hoping that this process would keep your problem of cleaning a dryer vent at the bay if not and you need a professional help call Dri-Masters on 800-897-4032