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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Virginia

Virginia Dryer Vent CleaningDo you need to find an ideal time to clean yours? I don't think so because the perfect time for cleaning the house is NOW; this includes in knowing how you need to clean your dryer vent in best possible way with utmost efficiency. But, this task is often overlooked. After months of cleaning your loads of clothes (your towels and socks), it is evident that it is charged with the lint.

A blocked dryer vent can cause your dryer to operate inefficiently and will eventually lead to hefty electricity bills. If this is also, not the reason for you to take this problem seriously then let me discuss a fact with you, might be that this would lead you to take dryer vent problems more seriously.  

The U.S. Fire Administration states in a report that, on an average level of 2,900 residential lint fires was registered across the country each year in between 2008 and 2010. These fires edged an average of almost $10,000 in the loss; while the most of the fires stayed restricted to the dryer vent unit if they moved and had spread on the entire available space then, the cost shoots up to nearly $50,000.

When your clothes are drying, moisture in restricted its presence in them, which combines with the lint and the debris that is collected in the dryer vent system. With the passing time the layers of the lint accumulated grow, they then restrict the free air- flow leading the dryer to heat and raise its temperature. If the heat sets on fire it would cause the fire which would result in loss of property and probably loss of life.

So to clear all these possible disasters, you must begin the process by looking that the installation of the dryer and the vent is set rightly. Your dryer vent should always go outside your home area and should not get into some restricted area for, e.g., attic, garage. It is always preferred that the height of the vent is maintained less than 35 feet, with minor bends if possible. The material used should be only metal, because plastic and vinyl increase the chance of fire. All these elements can be checked by the professional you hire for annual inspection.

There is another factor you need to consider to avoid the fire, and that is to clean the vent thoroughly and keep the surrounding area clean on a regular basis. Before you load your clothes into the dryer, it is necessary to clean the lint that is trapped in the machine. Also, try to immaculate the cloth lint accumulated at least twice a year with a nylon brush; you can implement the use of vacuum too, to eliminate the fiber to get sucked in.

Cleaning dryers can be a problem, but unclean ones can make the problems severe. Avoid such circumstances and if you want any help Dri-Masters is there for help. Call 800-897-4032