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Learn About the Different Types of Carpets and How Dri-Masters Can Help Clean Them in Philadelphia

Buying carpets is not an easy task.

Imagine trying to identify the type of carpet first and then figuring out how to clean them?

Hence, carpet cleaning in Philadelphia can be quite intimidating. 

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could learn about the different types of carpets before you clean them?

Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning Quick Guide

First, let’s look at the various styles and types of carpet.

The two most common types of carpets that you’ll come across are cut pile and loop pile. 

These types are further available in various styles.

What is Cut Pile?

Cut piles are carpets that get their durability through the following aspects of the carpet.

  • Fiber used
  • Density of tufts
  • Twist of the yarn

The cut pile carpets are available in the following styles.

5 Styles of Cut Pile Carpet

1. Plush

This style of cut pile carpet has an even and smooth finish. Due to this, it provides a more formal look.

2. Textured

The textured style makes use of low density fibers that have uneven heights. 

Hence, this style of carpet is able to hide dirt and give an informal look.

But the textured cut pile carpets are not made for high traffic areas.

3. Saxony

The saxony style of carpets have an even and smooth finish.

But the carpet fibers are longer than the textured and plush style of carpets. Saxony-style carpets come with a twist.

Hands down, this is the most popular style of carpet out there. 

But footprints and other marks are more prominent on these carpets.

4. Frieze

The Frieze-style carpets have long fibers and more twists. Hence, the look is more informal.

These carpets are great to hide footprints and other marks but they are not recommended for high traffic areas. 

Did you know that if the piles are longer, it’s called ‘shag’.

Shag carpets and rugs are all the rage now!

5. Cable

This style of cut pile carpet has thicker and longer fibers.

This gives a ‘cozier’ feel to the carpet when anyone walks on it.

What is Loop Pile?

In loop pile carpets, the yarn tips are left uncut, hence, making the loops visible.

However, they are durable and are considered as an all-purpose carpet. 

Loop pile carpets come in 3 major styles.

3 Styles of Loop Pile Carpet

1. Berber or Level Loop

The berber or level loop style carpets have packed short looped fibers, giving them a durable surface, and making them perfect for high traffic areas.

A few color flecks in the carpet can make it easier to camouflage the dirt but due to the short height of the fibers, the seams are more visible.

2. Patterned Multi-Level Loop

As the name suggests, the loops are patterned and have varying heights.

This creates a textured effect.

3. Cut and Loop

This style of loop pile carpet is mix of loop pile and cut pile fibers. 

This gives the cut and loop pile-style carpets a textured look and makes them perfect for high traffic areas. 

Moreover, these carpets are able to hide dirt and stains successfully.

Professional carpet cleaning experts are aware that all the different types and styles of carpets can’t be cleaned using just one method.

All of them need to be treated differently.

However, there are certain styles that can be easily cleaned on your own.

Let’s take a look at them.

Guide for Berber Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Guide for Berber Carpets in Philadelphia

Carpet cleaning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be easier if you install berber-style carpets.

This is because berber carpets have large loops. 

Large loops means dust, dirt, grime, and other pollutants aren’t able to penetrate further than the loops they touch.

However, if you have pets that pick at the loops, then these types of carpets can show wear and tear very easily.

That said, these carpets are still simpler to clean and maintain.

3 Simple Tips to Clean Berber Carpets

  • Vacuum once or twice a week depending on how dirty it gets. Keep in mind home with pets and kids will need more vacuuming than the ones without.
  • Stains may reappear after a few days of cleaning. So, regular cleaning will ensure the carpet stains cleaner.
  • Clean it the moment you feel it looks dirty.

Guide for Frieze Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Guide for Frieze Carpets

Frieze-style carpets have the ability to conceal a lot more dirt than the berber-style carpets.

This is because they are made up of small and twisted fibers that don’t stand upright, which makes it easy to absorb and distribute stains.

As a result, these carpets appear clean to the naked eye.

But it has to be pointed out that frieze carpets are available in nylon, acrylic and wool variants and not all of them are adept at concealing stains.

However, out of these, nylon carpets are the easiest to maintain. 

3 Reasons to Choose Nylon Frieze Carpet

  1. Although acrylic carpets are stain-resistant, they wear out faster.
  2. Wool carpets have longer life but they need to be cleaned differently. Hence, overall, the cost of maintaining these carpets increases.
  3. Nylon frieze carpets are stain-resistant due to their tightly-packed fibers. 

But any spills or stains on the nylon carpets need to be cleaned immediately to maintain their ‘stain-resistant’ tag.

Carpet manufacturers recommend a professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

Carpet Cleaning Experts

Dri-Masters - Carpet Cleaning Experts in Philadelphia

If you’re based in Philly, PA, then you should get in touch with Dri-Masters and schedule an appointment with them. 

They are a family-owned business that have been around for more than 20 years.

Fully licensed and insured, they can differentiate between the different types of carpets and know which carpet cleaning method will suit your carpet.

You can also follow their Facebook and Twitter handles for some great DIY carpet cleaning tips, tricks and hacks.