Tile and Grout Cleaning in Annapolis, MD

Tile & Grout Cleaning
0.99 ¢ PER SQ.FT.
TILE & GROUT And Linoleum Cleaning

Cleaning out the accumulated dirt and dust that is collected on the floor over the period can restore a healthy outlook of your place, shining it as in was when installed.

The grout installed usually is highly porous material, which absorbs soil and spills similar to the carpets. Now, this makes them difficult to clean and making the efforts put in, less efficient.

After we clean our tiles, we will be applying a solution that will keep out the dirt and germs, providing you the possibility to clean up if anything spills promptly, before it is soaked into the grout and stains or lingers.

A Closer Look into The Process of Cleaning

Trained and well versed Dri-Masters professionals take their time to give you that perfect cleaning experience, giving you with the best service and assuring a safe and healthier home for your loved ones.

Initially, the cleaning process is inducted with the pre-test; this is basically to identify the type of stone or tile to assure you the safest and of best quality result for your home, especially when we are working with acid-sensitive surfaces like marbles, limestone, and others.

Our technicians also do an additional inspection, tape off the area to prevent the adjacent surfaces, and conduct dry soil extraction, cleaning away the surface dirt and dust for better access to build and efficient deep-cleaning.

Dri-Masters professionals perform a quality check along the way after the process of cleaning is completed. And, if the outcomes are not even or in accordance to the expectations, they will clean the rough area, and again conduct a check.

This process of quality check is monitored until you receive the best result ensuring you the work satisfaction.

Quick following the cleaning, Dri-Masters sealers are applied that acts as a barrier to keep away the germs out and allow you an easy maintenance. Our tile and grout cleaning will leave your floors purified, preserved and available to use after few hours of executing the cleaning process.

The tiles in our house add to the beauty of our place, but maintaining it is a difficult task. Let Dri-Masters do the hard work for you- giving you the quality and deep cleaning of your tile and grout for the surfaces; this will keep your family and you in the healthier condition.

Still thinking? You probably should opt for the service, experience it and then discover our service. We always have the customer as our priority, so you demand the cleaning, and we provide you one. Stop thinking, just call on 800-897-4032