Dryer Vent Cleaning in Rockville, MD

Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Dryer Vent

The design of the dryer vents and dryers is pretty simple and straightforward. The clothing that you put inside gets tumbled in the presence of hot air, and the wet air is thrown outside.

The lint trap filters most of the fiber particles including the pet hair that comes along with your clothing. But, there are chances of some of the fiber elements being stuck in the vent, passing through the filter. So even if you are cleaning the lint filter after every load of your clothing, you will have to clean your lint trap at least twice a year thoroughly.

Is it that important and an element that you should consider? Truly, you have to consider this factor as this same small thing can lead to fire hazards at your place which causes loss of lives and property.

Unclean dryers also, force the dryers to run for longer time and double the energy to work ultimately resulting in a bad performance and also, deteriorating the quality of your clothes.

All these factors are the cause for long electric bills, marking a hole in your pocket.

Let me discuss a simple method of cleaning your dryer vent and help you to relieve from problems of clogged dryer vents.

The steps are as follows:

  • You need to initial unplug your vacuum cleaner and the crevasse attachment and clean the machine area beyond the lint trap. It is always preferable to use a vacuum cleaner because you will be able to reach the deeper areas until the hose.
  • A good vacuum (shop) works well when cleaning dryer vents, but a household vacuum cleaner will also, do well if used efficiently.
  • Once you complete the cleaning of the backside of the lint trap, separate the flexible hose from the back of the dryer.
  • Now you need to check the hose. Find is there any other thing than the lint stuck. Vacuum the hose, the back of the dryer and the area behind the dryer and the vent (for, e.g., - wall and floor). Once you are done with this process, attach the hose once again.
  • With the above cleaning, you will also, need to clean the pipe area that connects to your hose on the backside of your dryer and the vent area, connected outside your house.
  • Once you finish with the interior cleaning, you can now place your dryer back to its position.
  • It is also crucial to clean and vacuum any pipe area that is connected to your flexible hose on the back of your dryer and the vent attached at the outer part of your house.

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