Dryer Vent Cleaning in Frederick, MD

Dryer Vent Cleaning
$ 85.00
Dryer Vent

The dryer vent system in your house slowly but steadily accumulates some variant pollutants and dust particles. Mold that is build up, pet dander, the debris of construction, bacteria will be blown out of your dryer vents. Because of this, the air that you breathe is affected primarily, with a possibility of worsening the common health issues like allergies and asthma.

Dri-Masters offer a straightforward and convenient cleaning solution to increase the quality of the air that you inhale.

  • There are signs through which you can notice the need of cleaning your dryer; do you want to know them? If yes, let's get started with them and see if any of these are ones that you have or are encountering:
  • There is an indication of reduced airflow by your sensor, be it your LINT ALERT or BUILT-IN sensor!
  • The time required to dry is longer than the standard ones
  • You notice that the dryer becomes hot while the process of drying your clothing. Also, when you touch your clothes they are hot to touch
  • You find lint inside the drum, in and around the door seal, or against the lint filter in uncommon area
  • There is bird entry or an evidence of it, like debris or the bird droppings at the exterior part- this is especially prevalent in Spring-time
  • The damper system for the termination cover does not open as much as it should while drying
  • You observe a significant residue of lint that is accumulated behind a pest/bird screen at the outer termination point
  • You find a burnt smell in the dryer or the dryer vent.
  • It is more than a year or a year since your last cleaning of the dryer vent.

Why switch to Dri-Masters

  • No hidden costs
  • No charges for inspection
  • You don't have to pay environmental fees
  • No surprises during the process of cleaning
  • Professional to deal your problems of dryer vent cleaning
  • Free estimation
  • We don't charge for cold and hot air
  • Usage of the latest technology in innovation

Deeper insights of Dri-Masters

During the process of dryer vent cleaning, the team of Dri-Masters will remove all the lint traces and the dust that is being build-up in your dryers and the vent of the dryer. If the accumulated lint is not removed, it will start holding the moisture and increase the risk of an electrical fire. The professionals of Dri-Masters will make your home a safer place and will help you to improve the energy efficiency of the machine. And, due to this, the device will operate efficiently, taking less time to dry the clothes.

Need more help, and more understanding of dryer vent cleaning then call us on 800-897-4032, we provide you the solutions you want, with the methods that we use.