Dryer Vent Cleaning in Baltimore, MD

Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Dryer Vent

Have you ever thought about the dryer vents, and that their issue about cleaning can be a major element? I guess No, and usually most of the people don't even care about the dryer vents until they become severe problems.

Why do you need to wait for the problems to grow? Why don't we pay a keen attention towards the requirements of our devices on a regular basis and at fixed intervals! It's always better to be safe than sorry- a great proverb to be implemented to our daily lives too.

Facts state that more than 15,500 clothing dryers turn into a danger due as they burn. Most of these incidents are easily avoidable. The accumulated lint and debris forms a major problem. And, your dryers don’t work as per the expectations.

So what do you do? Dri-Masters will help you guide with some of the basic but must-to-do facts. So let's get started-

  • Do you know that manufacturers specify few important specifications while mounting the dryer vents? If No, I'll help you with that; according to manufacturers and locally defined codes, the ducts of the dryers must be 4" in diameters and must as large as the dryer outlet.
  • It is always better to follow the defined length of your dryer to avoid further complications. The developed length of your dryer's duct exhaust should be less than 25 feet unless it is specified to vary by your manufacturers and the local codes. Also, the important parameter to understand here is that when you determine the developed length, each and every 90° turn sums 5 feet to the real length.
  • It is essential that the dryer vent is terminated in the outdoors and should not pave the way into the chimneys, crawl area or attic, and should be independent of other systems.
  • The outside dryer exhaust hood should have a back draft damper to make sure that the exhaust does not come back into the residential space again.
  • In between the dryer and the exhaust duct, use metal transition ducts.
  • It is better to use inflexible transition ducts in an attic, in the interior walls and the crawl area.

Are these tips valuable? If you need any further assistance, Dri-Masters will help you to deal with your dryer vent problems efficiently and make your experience hassle free; we bring the best home services in Baltimore for our clients. Do you want to contact us, please feel free and contact us on 800-897-4032