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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Maryland

Maryland Dryer Vent CleaningYou can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it's all right. The feeling of home is all about the elements that make these four walls home. Every little thing matters to you when it comes to your home and cleanliness makes your home that picture perfect one. Did you ever think about the dryer vent being also, the contributing factor among those elements of your beautiful home? But it does!

It is important for you as a user of dryer vent to get it cleaned professionally to assure; it is free from dust, dirt, debris and any other element that affects the efficiency of the dryer. This reduce is inefficiency can cause your dryer to work for longer duration and make its functioning harder! We are also, very well familiar with the adverse effects of improper electrical devices on our bills. Longer running time of your dryer will eventually lead to increased bills.

To solve your dryer vent cleaning problems, Dri-Masters is one name you can trust on. Providing home services with utmost efficiency and leading a good customer service record, does signify their service to the customers in Maryland. They work for individual homes, schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, community systems and various property management systems too. Every system that you come across has different and requires the experts to solve the problems.

Time for you to look into your dryer vent

The use of a dryer is a determining factor to identify the cleaning dryer vent. It is always recommended to clean the dryer vents on a regular basis. Now, this can be done once in a year or twice but if your dryer is getting heated and taking a longer time to dry your clothing than usual than it is a caution sign for you to look into. This can be an alarm for you to understand that there is a blockage or other problem(s) in your dryer vent.

Fire hazards caused by dryer vent with analytical data

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are 17,000 home clothing dryer fires reported every year. These clothing dryer fires have caused around 51 deaths, 380 injuries, and $236 million when it comes to property loss. Predictably, the prime cause of these fires, at 34%, is the fiasco to clean the dryer vents.

Ever noticed the water damages by your dryer vent?

Most of the dryer users never realize the hazards caused by the water accumulation of dryer vent until it damages the walls, furniture, ceilings, the floor of your home. Cleaning your dryer vent regularly at fixed intervals will help you avoid this costly affair. Dri-Masters when extracting the blockages from your dryer vent also, remove the water accumulated. The moisture extricated from the clothing being dried will pool within the exhaust vent and slowly surge from drops to cups and gallons; after a time, the vent does not support the volume of water, making its way and leaking out; traveling to stories.

Role of Dri-Masters

We feel honored that consumers allow us into their homes and places of business and we express our gratitude by offering free estimates, providing reliable dryer vent services, and continually learning about new trends and techniques to improve the quality of cleaning services we provide. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what brings us, people, back to us time and time again and what has put us at the top of the dryer vent cleaning industry.

Hope this information is useful for you, so next time if you think of skipping the cleaning the dryer vents, think about these points. For professional service and expert advice call 800-897-4032