Carpet Cleaning in Rockville, MD

Per Area
$ 29
Areas over 200 sq. ft., L-shaped areas and combination areas count as 2 areas

Carpet cleaning in Rockville, MD is a tough task, as it’s mainly characterized by hot and humid summers as well as cold winters. 

Home to many software and biotech companies, one begs to wonder if Rockville is one of the most populated regions in Montgomery County?

Well, it’s true!

Rockville is one of the largest communities in Maryland. 

Hence, it leads to dirt and dust entering your home and settling down on your carpets.

With dust affecting the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), your family will be prone to diseases and allergies that you may not have even heard of before today.

A startling fact, isn’t it?

So with regular cleaning, you aren't just maintaining your carpets, but also making sure that your family stays healthy and safe.

5 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet companies don’t honor the warranty unless you professionally clean your carpet once a year, in a few cases, it may be once in 24 months.

1. Extends the Life of Your Carpet

The extraction method can increase the life of carpets significantly, protecting your floor investment.

2. Enhances Indoor Air Quality

It also Improves air quality inside your house as the carpet traps a lot of pollutants. 

Cleaning it helps remove these pollutants and maintains the IAQ.

3. Easier to Maintain

When you rarely clean your carpets, it becomes very hard to remove the dirt that gets accumulated over a long period. 

Dirty Carpet

Around 40 pounds of dirt can easily get caught in your carpet year after year?

Therefore, regular cleaning makes it easy to clean as well as maintain.

4. Eliminates Tough Stains

Removes tough spots and stains, such that it promptly protects carpet from any further damage.

5. Stops Buildup

Prevents buildup of dangerous allergens and bacteria.

Moist soiling of carpets can result in the buildup of several risky contaminants.

How Does Dri-Masters Do It?

The appropriate question is, "How are we so great at carpet cleaning for the last 26 years?"

Our team of skilled professional carpet cleaners know their way through any sort of carpet and are known to give you the best service in the market.

8 Things Dri-Masters is Proficient At

  1. Water damage repair
  2. Steam cleaning
  3. Persian and oriental rug cleaning
  4. Dry carpet cleaning machines
  5. Water extraction method
  6. Spot cleaning
  7. Basic vacuuming
  8. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning near you

Carpets are not only in homes but also in many other locations!

Which is why we clean carpets in the following spaces as well.

  1. Commercial buildings
  2. Industrial offices and spaces
  3. Vehicles
  4. Planes and boats

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Our Cleaning Process

Rockville Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. You can schedule an appointment.
  2. Don't worry if it's not possible for you to be present at the location. Our experts cater to your needs even when you aren't around.
  3. We are professional-grade carpet cleaning company. So, expect no less from us..
  4. We are happy, only when you are happy!

Don't Believe Us? Read Our Customer Reviews

Mr. Stone

Dri-Masters were great for my rental units and I have 200 units!! They have all my business! Prompt, courteous and most of all, they get my carpets cleaned, in and out without a hassle to me or my tenants!! Great prices too!

Mrs. Seltzer

I'll definitely recommend you to all my friends for your services, I was very pleased!

Gina Hunter

Employees were very nice, helpful and courteous...did the job and cleaned up...very pleased with the service.

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People Also Ask

Why does my carpet make me itch?

A prominent explanation is that your new carpets or worn out synthetic carpets shed fibers that trigger irritation. 

As the moisture in your skin decreases, it results in itching. 

4 Possibilities Your Carpet Makes You Itch

  1. You are allergic to carpet fibers.
  2. Your carpets are infested by fleas and bugs.
  3. Your carpets have a massive build up of dust and dirt.
  4. Your carpets are in a dire need of hot water cleaning. 

Is there a risk my carpets can shrink?

Unlicensed or unprofessional (rookie) carpet cleaners use inappropriate methods for cleaning. 

Carpets shrink when they become too wet, or when the back of the carpet is excessively soaked. 

A licensed, insured, and professional carpet cleaner will ensure that such incidents don’t happen. 

How often should I clean my carpets?

Carpet cleaning in Rockville, MD is an inevitable task but it certainly depends upon several factors. 

For example, carpets in commercial spaces or hotels require frequent cleaning than the domestic ones. 

Homes with pets and kids will need regular carpet cleaning than the ones without.

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