Carpet Cleaning in Hagerstown, MD

Per Area
$ 29
Areas over 200 sq. ft., L-shaped areas and combination areas count as 2 areas

Do climate and environmental factors play an important role when it comes to carpet cleaning? The answer to this question is YES! It does play an important role, in particular for the hot and humid areas like Hagerstown. The primary reason for this is the presence of moisture in the air that aids the growth of bacteria and other germs along with increased dust and dirt. Moisture always stimulates the growth and led to their multiplication at a rapid rate.

Dri-Masters are the professionals that are present in Hagerstown to help their customers in every possible way when it comes to the carpet cleaning! Below are few queries that are asked on a frequent basis and a comprehensive answer helping you to solve your problem on a primary level for hiring any service in Hagerstown.

So in the following paragraphs, is a small summing list for the people in Hagerstown, making their carpet cleaning easier and a smoother experience that they can cherish! Also, these tips would help your home to look beautiful and a place free from germs, and bacteria after understanding the importance of a professional team.

What method of carpet cleaning is used by Dri-Masters in Hagerstown?

Dri-Masters use two methods of cleaning when it comes to carpet cleaning.

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning

Both these methods are different and can be chosen depending upon their effectiveness and the necessity of each of them.

Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning mainly consists of less moisture usage along with their natural cleaning products.

Steam Cleaning: Steam Cleaning comprises the use of moisture as an important compound along with longer duration for working and natural products used to clean your carpet giving you the best experience of carpet cleaning.

How does the Steam cleaning work?

First, the carpets are pre-treated on the major areas and the corners of carpets then this step is followed powerful hot water extraction mechanism over the carpet area, then immersion of heavy flow of water to loosen the dirt and dust particles or any other cleaning solutions if present. The final step of the process consists of VACUUM that sucks all the impurities leaving your carpet clean, sanitized and free from any odor.

Hours that are taken to dry the carpet

After this heavy cleaning method of cleaning, carpet takes at least six to eight hours. Drying duration depends on various factors like the type of your carpet, the density of your carpet, the room where the carpet is placed to dry, humidity, and the flow of air. To increase the speed of drying, it is preferable to keep your windows open and allow the free movement of air.

Kind of equipment used

The technicians carry both the portable as well as track installed extraction systems, but the usage of these systems mainly depends upon the accessibility of your home.

Explain the difference between Wet carpet cleaning and Dry carpet cleaning.

Wet carpet cleaning, also known as the hot extraction method is neither harmful and nor does include heavy use of chemicals to clean; making it safe for your pets and children. This process consists of induction of heavy water into your carpet deeply into the inner layers of your carpet and then pulling the moisture out along with dirt and debris by implementing powerful vacuum.

Dry carpet cleaning uses different elements like using powders, crystals, solvents and even shampoos. Often harmful and hazardous chemical residues can remain due to lack rising while performing only surface cleaning, unlike the hot water extraction method.

How often should I opt for cleaning my carpet?

Due to the presence of moisture in Hagerstown, once in six months and twice in a year is perfectly fine. The frequency of cleaning your carpet also depends on its use.

Always, remember waiting for your carpets to smell bad and become dirtier it would lead to harmful health effects. Call us today on 800-897-4032. for professional carpet cleaning.