Carpet Cleaning in Glen Burnie, MD

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Areas over 200 sq. ft., L-shaped areas and combination areas count as 2 areas

Your house is recognized by the way you maintain it. Every single thing in your house plays a significant role in making your house that perfect place for you and your guest to relax.

But what if the same place turns out to be the breeding ground for germs and bacterias, and also be the reason for your various health problems due to accumulated dust, dirt, and debris! It would be the worst nightmare.

Soft furniture is primarily responsible for all these things to arise and, carpet is one important thing that falls into this category.

Regular cleaning of carpet is a must, especially when it comes to people residing in hot and humid climate because the moisture in the air stimulates the growth of organisms and also, would lead to increase an amount of sweat which creates another problem.

Carpet cleaning in Glen Burnie, MD has a solution to this issue. By having Dri-Masters to help them from various methods available! One must know that carpet cleaning is a challenging job and it requires a lot of energy.

Carpet cleaning methods depends on fallowing elements

The cleaning of the carpet depends by considering the following elements:-

  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Type of material used in its making
  • Products that, implemented
  • Size of the carpet
  • Method used

The methodology forms an important aspect among all again because your maintenance depends on this.

The method of cleaning a carpet is again dependent on various factors like:-

  • Temperature
  • Premises in which the carpet cleaning is executed
  • The requirement of carpet for use
  • Available time from the customer for carpet cleaning

Brief introduction of Carpet Cleaning methods

The method differs and so does the effect of the products that used during the cleaning process. 

Below there is a brief introduction to various methods that one can opt for it.

1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This type of cleaning method, more commonly known as steam carpet cleaning, uses high-pressure hot water to stir up the carpet fibers and dissolves all the dirt inside the carpet.

Hot water carpet cleaning frequently involves applying a cleaning agent to the soiled surface, stirring up the dust particles with a brush and followed by rinsing the carpet thoroughly.

As the cleaning agent settles down in the carpet, it is then required to be washed, preferably with a carpet cleaning equipment, to rinse the cleaning agent thoroughly.

The carpet is then left to dry out in a dry room or at air conditioned temperature.

Companies of carpet cleaning in Mdellicott City, MD suggest that carpets be cleaned in the mid-day helping carpets to dry easily by keeping them out overnight, which would not hamper the next day operations in the office.

2. Carpet Shampooing

This method of shampoo carpet cleaning was more prevalent before the 1970s when encapsulation technology was introduced.

Shampooing of carpet has the advantage that it can clean heavily soiled carpets very quickly.

Though, the technology has its more distinctive disadvantages a well. The shampooing process leaves behind wet foam residues which take the longest time to dry and becomes sticky.

Hence, this method is less popular than others.

3. Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This process involves using synthetic detergents as a base that crystallizes into powder when dried.

As the cleaning foam applied on the carpet dries, the loose dirt particles in carpet fiber will be encapsulated and, finally vacuumed or brushed off the carpet when the foam dries up.

This method of cleaning has become more common and has overtaken carpet shampooing technology, due to minor consumption of water during cleaning.

This, in turn, has resulted in shorter drying time compared to other techniques.

4. Bonnet cleaning

This method requires using a motorized machine with a spinning pad immersed in a cleaning solution that absorbs dirt from the surface. This method produces good surface cleaning.

The method is mainly used in hotels, wherein it can give a quick fix solution to cleaning the carpet in a public area without much moisture and can dry up quickly, and not causing inconvenience to the hotel guests.  

Several hotels follow this method of carpet cleaning in Catonsville, MD. Try it yourself, and make your carpets look clean as those in hotel rooms.

5. Host carpet cleaning

This method involves using an attractant to pull out the soil from the surface of the carpet. Firstly, the carpet is vacuumed properly.

Then, a wet absorbent compound is applied to the dirty area of the carpet.

Using a particular machine the compound is buffed and agitated. Next, using a vacuum, the compound is vacuumed up, as the soil from the carpet is absorbed in the compound.

6. Dry carpet cleaning

This is one of the latest technologies in the market and is widely accepted by the best manufacturing companies due to its performance and the convenience of not requiring any drying time.

The method involves an application of a cleaning compound or powder to the bottom of the carpet.

By using a motorized counter rotating brush, the carpet fibers are opened up, allowing the compound to settle inside. This results in thorough deep carpet cleaning.

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