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$ 29
Areas over 200 sq. ft., L-shaped areas and combination areas count as 2 areas

Carpet Cleaning Services in Delaware

Locating excellent carpet cleaning services in Delaware is no easy task. There are so many companies that thrive through shallow work and no ethics. But the consumer who spends his hard earned money on home maintenance deserves better. Dri-Masters provide the best carpet cleaning services in New Castle & Dover, DE with real results.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Delaware

What Are The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning?

It is an excellent activity that helps you in the following ways:

  1. Professional cleaning removes the deep-settled dust from the carpet.
  2. As a result, a carpet is thoroughly cleaned only through professional cleaning.
  3. Clean carpets help in improving the air quality inside your home.
  4. Improved air quality and cleanliness ensure that issues like respiratory problems, infections, and allergies never happen.
  5. Professional carpet cleaners also make it a point to dry the carpet properly so that no problem of mold occurs.

Why Select Dri-Masters for Carpet Cleaning?

Hiring a professional for carpet cleaning in Delaware is highly beneficial but finding a right company is a task that requires skill. Here are some reasons why you should feel satisfied that your search has ended with us – The Dri-Masters.

Honest pricing: We don’t believe in charging exorbitantly high rates. Our rates are quite close to the average industry price and are totally based on what services we offer and what quality we maintain.

No hidden charges: Most of the carpet cleaners make real money through upselling services that you may or may not need. We, on the other hand, never suggest you anything you don’t immediately require. We also don’t leave you in a state of shock by charging a very different amount than earlier told. We provide written estimates after proper inspection, and the final cost is always according to that.

Trained technicians: We believe that being a licensed and insured company running since over two decades isn’t enough. Each of our technicians must know everything about the job to the perfection. Therefore, we spend a lot of our resources in training the technicians according to industry standards and also upgrade their knowledge regarding latest cleaning technologies on a timely basis.

Free estimates: We don’t charge you for giving you an estimate. The over-the-phone estimates are offered by our company for free.

100% satisfaction guarantee: We believe that our work should be 100% according to what you expect from us. Our technicians strive to deliver the best quality results. But in the rare scenario of you not being happy with our services, you can always give us a call again, and we’ll come and fix the issue right away.

Fresh and clean carpets: Last but not the least, we ensure that you get exactly what you want  - clean and new carpets. Our cleaning technique is highly effective in deep-cleaning carpets and makes them smell fresh. They’re also completely safe to use due to the biodegradable and 100% toxin-free products we use.

Latest equipment: It’s impossible to do your best without proper gear. Our team comes equipped with the essential cleaning equipment and hence, can deliver best results.
How do we work?

How do Dri-Masters work?

Once you contact us and are sure you want to hire us, we will give you a written estimate of the cost. Once you bring us on the job, we begin with a unique solution. The solution is an excellent agent to bring up all the deep-settled dust to the surface so that it can be easily removed. It also dissolves all the small spots that were maybe bothering you a lot.

Once the solution does its magic, we use an incredibly powerful cleaning machine with twin-cylinders and low moisture settings. The twin cylinders give it the power to do deep cleaning, and the little moisture settings help in drying the carpet quickly.

We also deodorize and sanitize your carpet so that it smells good and is free of germs. The techniques leave no residue that could potentially attract more dust.

The process is almost complete, and we end it up with adequate drying of the carpet. In fact, thanks to the technique used by us, you can use your carpets just after 1-2 hours of carpet cleaning.

What makes Dri-Masters carpet cleaning method better?

Some things make our cleaning process better as well as contributes to making us one of the best carpet cleaning services in Delaware.

There you go! You know why our carpet cleaning method is better than those of other carpet cleaning service providers. You also know what makes us better than the rest. You’re wise enough to know that we are the ones you need for professional carpet cleaning at $99.95 in your house.

  1. No dirt attracting residue: A lot of homeowners experience a weird phenomenon wherein the carpet gets dirty faster than before it was professionally cleaned. Congratulations but sorry! You’re have been scammed. That’s one of the dirty tricks several carpet cleaners use to make more money. They leave the carpets perfectly clean but at the same time, make them more susceptible to dirt and stains. Our cleaning solution and method leave no such residue. We help you keep your carpets clean and dirt-free for a longer time.
  2. Quicker drying time: One of the most popular cleaning methods is steam cleaning, but our approach is different than that, and there’s an excellent reason behind it. It takes multiple days to dry a steam cleaned carpet. During all this time, you have to be very careful about humidity, and temperature settings in your house or your carpet will get mold. Our method eradicates the possibility of such an issue.

There you go! You know why our cleaning method is better than those of other carpet cleaners in Delaware. You also know what makes us better than the rest. You’re wise enough to know that we are the ones you need for professional cleaning in your house. Call us now 800-897-4032!