Chimney Cleaning

* Only Offered in Northern Virginia and Maryland

What could be cozier in the autumn and winter than a blazing fire in your fireplace or wood burning stove? Many homeowners love to experience the extra warmth and ambience that these things bring. However, a comfortable fire may turn into a disaster very quickly if you have not had your chimney cleaned in a while.

Chimney cleaning services help to keep your family and home

Why You Need Chimney Cleaning Services

If you ever burn wood at home in a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove, you understand that the smoke, soot, and particles from the wood go up the chimney before exiting the house. Of course, not everything makes it to the outside. Some of that residue accumulates on the bricks inside the chimney. Over time, this layer can become quite thick and cause problems.

What can accumulate and cause danger inside your chimney?

  • Soot and ash
  • Creosote from burning wood or coal
  • Leaves, small branches, and other natural debris
  • Birds' nests and other animal-related things

The most dangerous possibility is that this accumulation catches fire inside the chimney, which obviously causes quite a serious tragedy.

If your fireplace has sat unused for quite a while or you have moved into a new house and want to get ready for the cooler months, it is a good idea to call up chimney cleaning specialists to investigate and clean as needed. Recommended chimney cleaning schedules may vary from one to five years. This depends largely on how frequently you use the fireplace or stove, what you burn, and how much. It always makes sense to call in the professionals to check for safety's sake.

The Chimney Cleaning Process Explained

What happens when the chimney sweep shows up at your door?

On the day of your appointment for a chimney cleaning, make sure the technician or sweep has easy access to the fireplace or stove and the chimney. In most cases, they will also use a ladder to climb up onto the roof and make sure everything is safe and functional from that side.

After that, that the professionals take over. The actual process of cleaning the chimney differs based on a variety of factors: height of the house, chimney position, amount of buildup in the chimney, whether you have a fireplace or a closed wood-burning stove, and more. These things also determine the overall cost of the project.

The general chimney cleaning process includes:

  • Careful inspection of the fireplace, stove, flue, and chimney.
  • Cleaning of the inside of the entire system with wire brushes and other tools
  • Any repairs necessary to improve the safety of the system

The last item on the list may help prevent inefficient heating, carbon monoxide leaks, future fires, and other serious problems.

Do not trust the safety and comfort of your home and family to just anyone. When you need professional chimney cleaning services performed, call the team you can trust. Our comprehensive service gives you peace of mind that everything will go smoothly and the end result will allow you to enjoy cozy cold-weather fires at home with no worries.

Give us a call or send a message to learn more about our chimney cleaning services. We are available to answer questions, explain the process more fully, or to make an appointment for your next service.