Carpet Stretching

Wall-to-wall carpet remains one of the most common and appreciated floor coverings in the country. When installed, it looks fresh, clean, and lays tightly and securely against the subfloor like it should. Unfortunately, over time and after a lot of people walk across it again and again, carpet can come loose from the floor and wrinkles, bulges, and gaps can form.

Do you have to live with these ugly and potentially dangerous issues? No. Carpet stretching services can restore your floor to its like-new smoothness in no time. It is also much more affordable than replacing a carpet could possibly be.

Why Carpet Stretching Matters

Most carpeting lasts for about 10 years before manufacturers request replacing it. Many homeowners keep the same flooring for longer than that, however. You want your carpet to look as good as possible for a long time. Also, you want it to stay comfortable and safe under foot.

Carpet stretching happens when the flooring is first installed so it lays flat and smooth over the surface underneath. Things like high heat and humidity can contribute to the problem. Pushing heavy furniture around can detach the carpet from the floor, too. Over time, the adhesive or other fixtures that keep it that way loosen or detach, and the carpet begins to shift.

The results? Long wrinkles, bulges, and bumps of carpeting begin to appear across the floor. This usually happens in the directly of most traffic.

The problem? Not only do these things look bad, they can cause serious trip and fall risks, too. They also contribute to additional wear and tear on the rug parts that stick up.

The Carpet Stretching Process

You can push, pull, and try to tamp down the wrinkles and bulges with your feet or trap them under heavy furniture, but they will keep coming right back unless you call in the professionals. We have the right tools and knowhow to smooth things out and attach them to the floor underneath so they do not reappear anytime soon.

The carpet is examined to identify the problem areas, where it has detached from the floor beneath, and why. All furniture and other items must come out of the room in order for the carpet stretching to take place. All tack strips are removed and replaced if necessary. These are the things that actually grab the carpet and keep it in place. Then, the proper tools and methods are used to stretch the carpet back out in multiple directions for the tightest, most secure fit before reattaching everything expertly.

The whole process is simple, quick, and much more affordable than replacing your entire carpet. We use the right tools and equipment for the job, so the carpet stretching process goes as smoothly as your floor will end up looking. This is not about pulling the rug out of shape, but pushing it back into its correct shape so it fits smoothly on the floor once again. Soon, you will enjoy a comfortable, more attractive, and much safer home than you had before.