Carpets in Rented Spaces

The prestigious Lancaster University is the reason why this city experiences an influx of students from all around the world. 

Tourists and travelers looking to get away from the hectic pace of their city lives prefer vacationing in the...

Professional carpet cleaning

Perfect times for bikini and tan lines, summers are the ideal time for a tropical vacation. 

While humidity can give you the best getaway and Instagram-worthy photos, it can also damage your carpets. Yes, excess moisture isn't good for...

Ccarpet Cleaning Hacks

Over and over again we have been emphasizing the need for spring carpet cleaning for all the...

Carpet Installation

Aesthetically wooden flooring is better than carpet. However, carpets were used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of a house since time immemorial.

And traditionally, I still believe that carpet flooring is better than wooden flooring.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Beware of These Carpet Cleaning Myths! They are Damaging your Carpet

The Internet has numerous resources which you may refer to solve your carpet related issues. Different sites offer different opinions which leave you muddled. 


Time to Replace Your Carpet

Your carpet is probably the first thing anyone notices when paying a visit. Will a wrinkly, old carpet loaded with stains, and emitting a foul odor create a great impression?

Do you know carpets too have a lifespan? Well, yes you read that...

Carpet Cleaning in Spring

The natives of Frederick, Maryland are desperately awaiting the advent of spring!

They have had enough of snow-clad roofs, trees, pavements...basically snow-clad everything. 

Not to ignore the brutally inconvenient blizzards and...

Leesburg Carpet Cleaning

With winter almost on its way out, it’s time to wrap up the winter carpet cleaning in Leesburg, Va.

“Why?” You ask.

This is because carpet cleaning depends upon various factors - carpet type, fibers, age, foot-traffic of humans and...

Keep Your Carpet Clean

Usually, carpets in most homes take a lot of time to clean, and it isn't just a one-time thing too, it's a regular duty. (oh! yes, you know it's a ‘DUTY’)

It's especially harder for working professionals. If you get a holiday, it probably...

Professional Carpet Cleaning

There's always a point in our lives when we come across a few household chores we aren't well versed with, for some it could be cooking and for some, it could be cleaning.

Most people in Philadelphia realize this when they move out of...