How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Despite your rigorous efforts to clean your carpets and make it look sparklingly new, it eventually becomes a victim of coffee and wine stains, spills, pet accidents, and whatever is at the bottom of your shoes. 

Now you’re in luck because you can rely on Dri-Masters who have over 20 years of experience in carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is indispensable

Experts have to say, sure a carpet is a lovely aesthetic, but a neat, and clean carpet even more so. 

Carpets are abused over time by numerous agents - kids, pets, guests, visitors, and even you. 

The actions and activities performed by the agents cause dirt, debris and, grime to build up. 

This, however, may be a conventional sight. But do you know that accumulation of dirt leads to acute health hazards, allergies and even breathing problems?

The state could be worse for homeowners diagnosed with asthma and bronchitis. Hence, clean carpets are essential because it improves the quality of air for your dear ones breathe in. 

Many homeowners procrastinate carpet cleaning because it involves a lot of time and labor in moving heavy furniture, hours of drying time and many don't know the right carpet cleaning technique. 

Yes, you read that correctly!

Carpet cleaning techniques vary from fibers to fibers

Other factors like carpet age, foot traffic, climatic conditions also play a pivotal role. 

That said, the methods employed for residential carpet cleaning is different from commercial and industrial spaces. 

While others would admit that regular vacuuming and relying on DIY methods to clean their carpets is enough.

But that seldom works because vacuuming and DIY methods don't have long-term effects. 

They just clean the surface and not the fibers underneath. 

Moreover, if the application of DIY techniques is too harsh, it can potentially damage your carpet fibers. 

How often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

As industry experts in carpet cleaning, we'd quote, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Professional cleaning of carpets is recommended because it helps in the following ways.

  • To keep your carpets spick and span
  • Help maintain your carpets rather than replacing it
  • To keep it germs and bacteria free
  • To restore the luster of your carpets
  • To increase the life-expectancy of your carpets
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Do all that and still save costs

How often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned also depends upon whether you have kids, pets, both and the quantity of traffic your carpets receive. 

A professional carpet cleaner will consider all the above factors to give you desired results. 

Homes With Toddlers and Children

If you have children, you catch a glimpse of them spilling their food, milk, extending paint colors to the carpet from a coloring book, walking straight into the carpets post their football practice almost on a daily basis. 

So homes that have toddlers or children, we recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaner once every year. 

Homes With Pets

Your children may comprehend your warnings to stay off the carpets but a pet can't. 

Owning pets make your carpets vulnerable to fur sheddings, accidents, pet-urines and even vomit.

Their dirty paws from every possible place they could sniff on Earth will also contaminate your carpets.

So to keep your carpets looking fresh, we recommend opting for a professional carpet cleaner twice a year. 

Homes With Pets, Toddlers, and Children

The combination of both, children and pets can be horrid for your carpets. It is a catastrophe spelled in big and bold letters. 

You may just have cleaned milk spilled by your child only to spot your pet standing with muddy paws, wagging his tail. 

So for homes with children and pets, pick carpet cleaning services quarterly. Quarterly cleaning of your carpets will help maintain the look and feel of your carpets. 

In case you have installed a carpet recently, make sure you don’t forget to read the instructions and the warranty that comes with it. 

Above all, remember to mention this to the carpet cleaning professionals you hire. 

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