Flooring Types and Ways to Clean them Effectively

Cleaning is always a tough task to deal especially the tile and grout. It is tough and gets tougher with time.

You need to clean your tiles at regular intervals to maintain their beauty and the life of tiling. The grout is again something that you need to pay particular attention to as they require cleaning in a proper format.

And, cleaning differs from tile to tile type. There are various kinds of tiles, such as Porcelain tiles, Marble, Granite tiles and much more.

There are floorings of wooden too, and they have a different cleaning system. So, using a common methodology to clean the different kinds of flooring won’t help.

Let me tell you various kinds of tiles that are present so that you understand you’re flooring well and clean them properly with utmost care.

various kinds of tiles

1. Ceramic

A common type of tiles that are used. The ceramic tiles are made out of clay like material.

The ceramic tile can be made by using these three following methods:

  • Dry press
  • Extruded
  • Slush mold

These tiles are easy to clean, and the only thing that matters to be looked after is the grout. As these tiles are made from clay, baked and painted, soil does not get penetrated in them.

Preventive measures: Clean these tiles with a wet and soft mob to avoid scratching.

Do not clean the grout until it is sealed completely. If done it might cause damage to your grout rather than clean.

2. Wooden

This is again among the most popular and overly used type of flooring. Also, the one that quickly gets dirty can damage if not maintained well.

Technology has now given various shades to wooden flooring too. Today, you can have original wood flooring or solid wood and the latest one, the engineered one.

But, any kind you install you will have to take care of them all in a similar fashion.

Preventive measures: Cleaning these floors need a great understanding of their sealed and unsealed part. Sealed can be easily cleaned with a regular wet cloth but unsealed needs the proper method to clean.

For unsealed flooring, the cleaning is always preferred by professionals.

3. Marble

Marble tiling is again a favourite one, among the people who love to get their flooring that authentic look.

These tiles also come with come in polished and unpolished form.

Preventive measures: When cleaning unfinished marbles you need to be extra cautious because they have the crude element in them.

Never use lacquer or varnish to avoid the peeling due to their porous nature.

4. Brick

Clean these brick tiles with wet, soft mob. Mix 1 part of vinegar with ten parts of water and create this solution to get those shining and clean floors.

→ Preventive measures: Lacquer and varnish are not a good solution clean these types of tiling.

Their porous nature will make difficult to clean and an easy attraction for dust and germs to settle.

See, I told you before, the cleaning method varies and these variations are due to their fundamental nature.

So, if next time you are confused about the floor cleaning just refers this article to find a quick solution.