The Best Carpet Cleaner Near You

Carpets add to the aesthetic beauty of the home and make it a comfortable living space. It is the most popular choice for most homeowners as it adds a certain element of warmth in the atmosphere. It is vital that you maintain your carpet clean to prolong its life and sustain the shine.

You can follow certain homely yet effective ways to keep the carpet intact:

  1. Vacuuming on a regular basis - you have to clean on a regular basis especially if you have pets and children. It will extract the dirt and dust that are on the carpet surface. If you vacuum regularly, you can rest assured that the work becomes easy in the long run. Pet hair can be easily removed only cleaning the carpet.  
  2. Removing dirty shoes outside the carpet - Carpet fibers tend to absorb dirt and dust and settle in the layer fibers. Dirty shoes will allow the dirt to penetrate into the layers and eventually wear out the carpet.  
  3. Use doormats - Doormats are practical incredibly useful as they minimize the dirt that enters the house saving the carpets from the extra dirt layer.
  4. Cover hallways and stairs - In the areas with extra foot traffic use rugs or other things on top of the carpet to protect the fibers from wearing down.

DIY methods to remove spills from carpets

Most of us want to clean spills on our own without asking for professional help, but we should be entirely sure as to what goes best with the stain. If we don't know about the DIY method, we might end up spoiling it even more and cause soiling and discoloration.

  • Baking soda is an effective to remove fresh stains but keeping it for too long can have an adverse effect staining your carpet
  • Ice cubes are sufficient when it comes to removing chewing gum from carpets. It solidifies the glue which then can be easily removed
  • For some specific stains, dishwashing detergents also work very efficiently, nullifying the spot
  • Candle wax also helps in stain removal, ironing the candle wax. Then place the same on the affected area and iron it again will get the stain onto it
  • Salt is an effective cleaning method of cleaning red wine stains. Small amounts of cold water on the stain will dilute it. Once the initial removing is done, cover the entire spill with salt. Salt absorbs the spill and changes color; then the whole thing can be dusted and vacuumed

Even though these are the best methods always know more details before applying any solution on your carpet.

You can also remove stains with carpet cleaning power. You can sprinkle it on the carpet floor and keep it overnight, it will soak the smell and dirt and can be vacuumed in the morning. It is not as effective as professional cleaning but is a good way to maintain freshness.

How frequently do I need to wash my carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning is required at least once a year, but with areas, with heavy traffic, it should be cleaned once in six months. On the offset that you have light colored carpets get it professionally cleaned at least once in 3 months to retain its shine.  

Signs that your carpets need professional cleaning

  1. Your carpets have tough dry stains
  2. There is a pungent smell coming from your carpets
  3. Your carpet has suffered water damage
  4. The newness of the carpet is lost
  5. Home cleaning methods are not effective
  6. You are experiencing itchiness and allergies
  7. Stains are reappearing after cleaning at home
  8. If it has been over a year since you last got you carpets cleaned

Professional carpet cleaning as oppose to home cleaning

Today we get a lot of carpet cleaning systems that you can easily buy and get carpets cleaned.

But getting it professionally cleaned once a year is a usual recommendation as professionals perform deep cleaning through the fibers of the carpet which are tough by home machines. Professional machines get deep into the strands and help in thorough cleaning.

DIY methods give you temporary solutions but every once a while it is beneficial to get professional help. Just give a call to Dri-Masters at 800-897-4032 or read more on carpet cleaning Lancaster and start your day with a clean and healthy carpet at just $99.95 for three rooms. Get Free Estimates before your cleaning.