Blog | December 2018

cat hiding under the carpet


You spilled a bottle of wine on your favorite carpet, and your guests are arriving any second!

So, what do you do?

Your immediate carpet cleaning solution in Manassas is to call the experts to get the spill cleaned as...

carpet stain

Infectious diseases and epidemic have known to wipe out entire villages in the past.

Poor hygienic conditions was one of the reasons.


Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar

Carpet cleaning can be a tricky and messy task, especially when it comes to cleaning everyday stains. 

But you can’t always afford to hire a carpet cleaning professional or run to the store for that branded carpet cleaning solution you saw...

Dry Wet Carpets

Whether you're cleaning the carpet that’s dirty or cleaning water that spilled/leaked on the carpet, you definitely want it to dry fast.

Everyone knows that moisture and carpet aren’t the best buddies.

It can prove to be very...