Blog | June 2018

DIY Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Recipes

I was watching Avengers when my younger one spilled soda all over the carpet. I was like, “God! I gotta clean that again…”

Yes, you read that right. Again!

My kids are young and therefore, they always spill things all over the...

Oriental Carpet Maintenance

Oriental carpets build an atmosphere of sheer beauty and elegance which cannot be achieved with an average carpet.

Did you know that oriental carpets first appeared about 2,500 years ago and exhibited a definite type of rug-making that...

Remove Mold From Carpets

When you are in the carpet cleaning business like me, you’ll see some of the gross carpets there could ever be! 

And it gets even worse when you have to clean them...but hey! That's why we are called the carpet cleaners. 


Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips

Admit it; carpets get dirty - all the time! 

For years they are attacked by shoes, whatever is at the bottom of your shoes, food articles and sometimes even liquid.

Everyday activities - whether you like it or not - that involve...