Blog | April 2018

Ccarpet Cleaning Hacks

Over and over again we have been emphasizing the need for spring carpet cleaning for all the...

Carpet Installation

Aesthetically wooden flooring is better than carpet. However, carpets were used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of a house since time immemorial.

And traditionally, I still believe that carpet flooring is better than wooden flooring.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Beware of These Carpet Cleaning Myths! They are Damaging your Carpet

The Internet has numerous resources which you may refer to solve your carpet related issues. Different sites offer different opinions which leave you muddled. 


Time to Replace Your Carpet

Your carpet is probably the first thing anyone notices when paying a visit. Will a wrinkly, old carpet loaded with stains, and emitting a foul odor create a great impression?

Do you know carpets too have a lifespan? Well, yes you read that...