Carpet Cleaning in Arlington, VA

Carpet cleaning has different types and methods. No simple method can be applied, and you can rest assured that the work is done. Most people think it would be easy to do it at home as it saves a little money but what most people don’t realize is that it can cost them a lot in the wrong run. Things are done differently or in this case, not rightly can affect the life of the carpet.

Professional cleaners are only called when carpets look dirty to the naked eye.

The aesthetic appeal of carpets matters to us much more than anything else so only when carpets look dirty to us we are eager to call an expert. But this logic is flawed at the very outset, as it is not only aesthetically pleasing to keep carpets clean but also for other important reasons such as health.

How do you know it time to call professional cleaners -

  • Dust and other allergies increasing

  • You get a pungent smell from the carpet

  • Your carpet looks shabby

  • If you cannot recall the original color of the carpet

  • If you drop food/liquids that leave a stain

Dirty carpets and health issues

On one hand, most of us, protect ourselves from the more obvious health problems that surround us in our homes like turning off the oven, keeping children away from sharp objects and other obvious things. We often forget the health risks that bacteria infected carpets have on us. A carpet that is regularly in use, but not professionally cleaned becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. The dirt gets deeply trapped in the fibers and ruins it slowly, making it a health hazard in multiple ways.

Carpet Cleaning Arlington Virginia

Need for carpet cleaning in Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA has the average measurable precipitation of 74 which indicated a moist climate which in turn results in dirt and dust getting stuck to the carpets. To reside in a homely and clean indoor environment with high moisture in the climate it is of utmost importance that you don’t let dirt and dust get to the inner fibers of the carpet. Only with regular professional deep clean, you can save your carpet from being bacteria free.

There are several health risks associated with dirty carpets especially in moisture states like Arlington in Virginia -

  1. Respiratory issues - Issues like asthma and other breathing problems become familiar with dirty carpets. If you notice your family members getting sick probably, you have taken too long to call a carpet cleaner.

  2. Allergies - Any dirt results in allergies and dirty carpets are one of the most significant contributors when it comes to the same. Excessive sneezing, watery or red eyes are also forms of allergies picked up from stained carpets.

  3. Itchy skin - Itchy skin causing redness can result from dirty carpets. Children complaining from the same should be taken seriously, and carpets cleaned immediately

  4. Pets are falling sick - Pets catch diseases faster than humans in certain cases, and since they roll and play on carpets they quickly pick up the dirt residing in the layers of the carpet.

  5. Rashes - Most dirty carpets become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus picked up dirty feet or shoes which can cause rashes.  

Since Arlington, VA has high precipitation levels it is very common that carpets need cleaning regularly.  If any family member including the pets seems to suffer from any of the issues given above you can trace it back to your carpet and also seek medical help. Professionally cleaning your carpet should be the first step to a healthier and allergy free environment.

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