Carpet Cleaning in Mechanicsburg, PA

Cleaning or maintaining your house was never that easy. It is always a task that you have to do with utmost care and regularity because the home that is clean has a healthy life leading to a good health. And, who does not want this? Probably everyone and this starts by having your furniture clean and well- maintained. Soft furniture is something that has body contacts of kids and pets the most; especially when they laze around on Carpets; so how to maintain them! Need not worry, Dri-Masters are here to help you for carpet cleaning in Mechanicsburg with simple solutions for your everyday problems.

Stains all over your carpet, irritating smell and the dusty feel of carpets that only annoys you, if this is something that you are coming across then this is probably the time to clean your carpets! Carpeting your home is not a small investment, costing you somewhere around $3000 to $ 6000, so you will expect your carpet cleaner to know everything concerned with the service he is providing.

According to the Australian standard for carpet cleaning, it is advised to clean your carpet at least once a year. And when you decide to do this, you need to keep few things in your mind:

The carpet cleaning industry is deregulated; very few people receive proper training for carpet cleaning

Price is an important consideration but avoid selecting a carpet cleaner solely on price basis

When you think about choosing a cleaner, look for the ones who are members of an association with proper code of practicing

To select from the cleaners available:

Ask for the quotes from a couple of carpet cleaners before you opt for anyone. The below ist of questions will give you a brief idea of whether you need to hire them for a service or not.

Are they a member of any association?

National trade association provides training sessions for the members have a code for their members. If you are not happy with the service given by the service person you can contact the concerned association, they are the members who can help you with your problem. Association consists of:

  • Specialized Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association
  • Carpet Cleaning Association

Are they qualified to serve in the field of carpet cleaning?

The qualified technicians will have skills and the required qualifications such as a Certificate in carpet cleaning. Training them includes:

  • Chemical handling along with healthy working and safety measures
  • Choosing between the chemicals to be used for the carpets and the stains
  • Lastly, the use of technology in an efficient way to avoid any mishaps

The price factor

Whenever you decide of selecting a carpet cleaning service, never keep the price- the only factor in choosing from. It is important to understand that quality service is never cheap. Techniques used previously by some companies will charge you less - sometimes as less as $5 per room which later on comes to the matter of additional costs for stain removal, sanitizing until you pay them well over the original charges.

They can provide you an estimation of price over the phone, but they need to inspect your rooms on the first hand. Make it a point to get a complete description of your home with comprehensive details about your stained carpets and if you have pets at your place.

The pricing changes from the service provider to provider, some provide pricing on a regular basis while others charge on square meter measures, which starts at $4 per room also.

Basic spot removal, pre-vacuum, and displacement of your furniture expect the ones that are delicate and bulky should be included, but make it a previous point to ask. The companies also, provide you with additional services like deodorizing, sanitization of your carpets and carpet protection forming a protective layer.

Is there any guarantee offered by them?

Guarantees should always be given in writing because if you are not satisfied with the service or if they cause any damage, they'll have to correct it.

Do they have an insurance covered?  The company is required to have public liability insurance to cover the cost of any damage done.

For any further assistance do call Dri-Masters, they are always happy to serve and help the people in Mechanicsburg.