Carpet Cleaning in Baltimore, MD

Don't wait until the carpets are completely dirty

It is not a very well known fact, but dirty carpets can cause serious health risk to children. Hence maintaining carpets becomes a must if you have kids running around in the house. Young children have a habit of sitting and rolling on the carpets always and putting their hands in their mouths which make it even riskier. The best DIY method is regular vacuuming because pollutants get deep within the threads of the carpet, professional cleaning is the best way to get a proper cleaning.

DIY is not just the solution to carpet cleaning  

Most homes use carpets to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the indoors creating warmth and comfort. But more than often there are certain uninvited guests in the form of dirt and bacteria that start living in the threads of the carpet making it lose its aesthetic value. Regular vacuuming might not be the ideal solution for removing them. If the carpet gets, too dirty vacuuming might have an adverse effect as it will release all the dirt in the air making the house polluted. A thorough cleaning with proper machinery at least once a year is a must professionally. Professionals get deep into the strands of the carpet and get it cleaned efficiently. Such deep carpet cleaning methods protect you against health risks such as asthma, allergies, and such other diseases.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used in the Market -

  1. Steam calling also called the Hot Water Extraction method uses a hot cleaning solution to extract the dirt and dust from the inner layers of the carpet. Moisture does the work in this case since it absorbs dust and dirt extracting it out from the carpet.

  2. Dry-cleaning is another method used by professionals; they use a powdery substance that then acts as a magnet for dust and other particles. The powerful suction it removes all the dirt and the substance.

  3. Dry cleaning also better known as the Foam Extraction is also used by professionally carpet cleaners. The professional machinery uses the foam to absorb dirt and bacteria.

Be it wine, chocolate, or dirt, a stain in the carpet can destroy the look of the entire home. Just with DIY methods with homemade solutions might not be the best solution always, it might also spoil or ruin the carpet even further. In this case, professionals know which method goes best with the stains on the carpet and helps clean it in the best possible way.

Why Use Dri-Masters for Carpet Cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland?

Dri-Masters provide the best carpet cleaning services that the best industry recommended solutions that are powerful and go to the deepest corners and get out the dirt from it all, giving it a brand new look.

Dri-Masters provide -

  • 100% biodegradable chemicals

  • Extremely fast carpet drying

  • Carpet Protection and stain removal

  • Deodorization

  • Disinfecting

What you should know about Baltimore, Maryland?

Baltimore in Maryland lies within the humid subtropical climate zone, with four distinct seasons. Winters are chilly but variable, with sporadic snowfall. Distinctive climatic variations imply that different carpet cleaning methods have to be implemented in various weather conditions. The average seasonal snowfall is 20.1 inches with moisture accumulation in the carpets and furniture. Spring and autumn are warm which gives another set of climatic condition. Summers are hot and humid and sometimes reach extremes.

Dri-Masters offers complete professional carpet cleaning in Baltimore, MD keeping all the different techniques and weather conditions into consideration.

Dri-Masters also serve nearby areas such as Little Italy, Latrobe Homes, Clarence Perkins Homes, Frederick Douglass Homes, Mount Clare, Fells Point, Broadway-Orleans Homes, South Baltimore, Butchers Hill, Mount Royal, Gilmor Homes, Charles Village, Westport, Spring Gardens, Mount Winans, Homestead and Highlandtown MD.

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