Are you Unknowingly Making these Mistakes while Cleaning Your Carpet?

When you have plush and soft carpeting at home, you enjoy a whole lot of aesthetic appeal, warmth, and comfort. Carpeting on the floor is perhaps the most common type of flooring found anywhere in the world, including the United States, where carpet accounts for 50% of the total flooring market in the country. But, having a carpet is not just the end of it. You need to maintain the carpet properly so as to prevent any damage from being caused to the material or the fibers. Whenever we clean our carpets, there are quite a few mistakes that we are prone to make, that might damage our prized possessions. Today, we are going to look at these mistakes and ways to avoid them. Read on to find out more.

Using the wrong carpet cleaning products – an even bigger mistake

You can cause irreversible damage to your carpet if you end up using the wrong cleaning products for the wrong kinds of stain. Household cleaning agents and laundry detergents are usually extremely harsh when it comes to cleaning your carpets with them. They cause fading or discoloration in your carpet. Usually, when you hire a Carpet Cleaning Expertthe firm uses the suitable products to maintain the look and feel of the carpet. But when you have DIY on your mind, you need to ensure that you use the right products which are safe to use for your carpets.

Scrubbing instead of blotting – a big mistake

Scrubbing is perhaps the most common sin among those who own a carpet. If you spill a glass of red wine on your carpet, you rub the stain with a washcloth before a stain is left. But this rubbing or scrubbing with a washcloth can cause damage to the fibers in the carpet. Prolonged scrubbing over some years might cause the carpet to become distorted and look rough. Using a white paper towel or washcloth for blotting the spilled liquid is a much better option if you want to protect the fabric.

Spills not being cleaned for hours

You may be at home and busy with your housework, or your kids, or some work you brought home from the office. Whatever the situation might be, paying attention to spilled drinks on the carpet becomes secondary when it comes to these situations. But what you fail to understand is that, if you leave the spill unattended, it will be made more permanent and much harder to remove with anything – water or cleaning product. When left unattended, the spilled liquid seeps deep into the carpet’s fibers, which damages the padding of the carpet as well. So pay attention to any and every spill if you value your carpet.

Using too much water while cleaning carpets

Usually, people use dishwashing detergent and water to remove stains from their carpets. But when the quantity of water used is too high, your carpet may go through a new set of problems. The stain can spread quite quickly when too much water is used, which is a big problem on your part. Excess water might also cause mold to grow on the carpet. So try to use just the right amount of water to clean your carpet to avoid any such debacles.

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