Guide to Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpet is an investment, and it doesn’t make sense to ignore it and let it wither away when you can make it last for decades. Does it? Do you care to read practical tips on how to keep your carpet attractive as well as functional for a long time? Before we dive into the detail, here are some quick pointers for you if you’re in a hurry.

  1. Developing a maintenance schedule contributes in extending a carpet’s life.
  2. Any accident that may affect the floor should be addressed immediately.
  3. Ignoring a stain can get you in serious trouble, especially if there’s someone in the house who loves the carpet more than you do. If it’s a commercial carpet, you’re in deep trouble already.

This three-step system, if developed, will eradicate all your carpet related issues. Add to it the fact that 96% of stains can often be removed with water if treated correctly, and you can have a stain-free beautiful carpet for a long time.

Why do you need this guide to carpet cleaning and maintenance?

Do you like to save money? Let’s be real - it’s the beginning of the year, and nobody of us is dreaming of spending the entire year sightseeing different areas of the world. We all wish for a trip to the Caribbean or Europe or maybe, Asia. Another reality of our lives is that most of us live paycheck to paycheck with no money to fulfill our worldly desires. Saving some money would definitely make us happier.

Understand that a carpet that lasts longer will cost you lesser, ultimately. An average carpet owner spends around $700 - $2000 on carpet installation excluding the cost of actual carpet which is around $1 - $10 per square foot.

Think about what happens when you carpet doesn’t even last for 5-10 years. You will have to bear this huge sum of money. Do the maths and see how much you can save if your carpet lasts even a decade longer! (and it can)

The whole point of carpet cleaning and this maintenance guide is to help you save that money and go on that holiday.

Isn’t vacuuming enough for cleaning the carpet?

The question may be still lurking in your mind - can’t I just get it done with regular vacuuming? Present day carpets are designed to disguise dirt. You wouldn’t see it and even feel like vacuuming until it’s too late. By the time you get to it, the dust gets settled in and starts doing the damage to the fibers. So, you can never rely on your judgment. You have to follow a schedule. Even then, there will be some dirt and bacteria that will slip away. For that, you need professional carpet cleaning services.

How to do effective maintenance of carpet?

Imagine the secret to clean carpets as a 5-step lock. You need five keys to open it, or you will never achieve your desired results. Those five steps are:

  1. Preventative maintenance
  2. Vacuuming
  3. Spot removal
  4. Interim cleaning
  5. Deep cleaning

Preventive maintenance: It involves strategies to keep the dirt out of your carpet. Through multiple methods, you have to choose that’s most suitable for you. Restricting the entry of dirty shoes or placing area rugs works well. Placing a rug under the dining table will ensure there are no spills on the carpet and an area rug just outside your bathroom will make sure there are no stains due to wet feet on your carpet. Think about all the other things that you can do to prevent dust deposition and stains on your carpet. All of them are a part of preventive maintenance.

Vacuuming: Even though we discussed how dust might slip away but if you’re regular and consistent at vacuuming, such a thing will never occur. Twice a week, everywhere, even along the corners.

Spot removal: Keep a DIY stain removal kit handy and learn some tricks to treat the spots immediately. Imply them without delay, and there are high chances, you will never need to call a professional cleaning company for spot removal.

Interim cleaning: Once a year, go for low-moisture cleaning that could help to restore the luster of your fibers while carefully eliminating the disease-causing bacteria as well as harmful dust particles. We, at Dri-Masters, expertise in such cleaning procedures and offer carpet cleaning in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Deep cleaning: If you follow the first four steps, the last one is required least number of times. However, if you do feel you need extensive cleaning, you can go for a deep cleaning method.

There you go! You know how to maintain your carpet and make it last longer. Did it take too much time to read or was it helpful? In case, you need more advice on carpet cleaning, directly give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer ALL your queries.