How Frequently Should you Clean Your Carpet?

The frequency of carpet cleaning, i.e., How often you should clean your carpet? Depends on quite a few factors and situations. Each household or family usually has a different time gap for professional or DIY carpet cleaning processes. For example, a family that has not kids or pets, does not smoke or does not stay at home for long, can go for carpet cleaning once every year. Then again, if you have kids at home, or pets, or are in the habit of smoking, then your carpet is in dire need of regular cleaning.

Let us now take a look at the various factors and situations that help you to decide how frequently your carpet needs to be cleaned. Read on to find out more.

Health-related factors

If one of your family members is asthmatic or suffers from regular allergies, you should make it a point to steam clean your carpets at least two times every year. People who are allergic to dust mites need to live in a home where the carpets are vacuumed regularly and are cleaned professionally by Carpet Cleaning in Columbia experts to ensure that the environment is free from allergens and dust particles. Dust sensitivity is quite common among asthmatics, hence, keeping the carpets clean and dust free is surely a good and efficient remedy to any such problems.

People with pets

Families who have pets at home are quite familiar with the problems of keeping their home clean after their pets have walked around on the carpet and have shed their fur. Other than shedding hair, other problems pet owners have to face are vomits and accidents. These are awful for the carpet’s fabric, as vomit is formed by stomach acid, and should be cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid staining of any sort. These incidents can be quickly taken care of by professional cleaning solutions so that no odor or stain becomes permanent on the carpet after your pet accidentally vomited on it. In all actuality, people who own pets should have their carpets cleaned twice every year to keep it hair and odor free.

Homes with kids

Homes that have even one kid will surely have carpets that filthy and full of grime, because of obvious reasons. Younger kids are in the habit of spilling food, playing with dirt and then rolling around on the carpet, and even vomit accidentally. The older ones are usually in the habit of trading around on the carpet with shoes covered with dirt and mud, which causes the carpet to remain dirty almost regularly. For such a household, carpet cleaning becomes a necessity every five to six months, i.e., at least two to three times every year so as to save it from bad odor and permanent stains. This is vital for maintaining the hygiene level of your home.

Homes with smokers

For homes with smokers, carpet cleaning is needed at least two times every year. The ash from cigarettes or cigars, as well as the smoke you let out usually accumulates in curtains, couches as well as your carpets as dust. The bad odor of cigarettes also gets stuck sometimes. Hence, bi-yearly cleaning is an absolute necessity.

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