The Ultimate Guide of Carpet Cleaning Myths and Truths

There are so many carpet cleaning myths that it’s hard to understand what is right and what is not!

Carpet is an investment and any wrong information related to such long-term investment is risky. Methods, cleaning agents and processes if done incorrectly can affect the carpet and its quality.

To help you cope with this wrong information, we bring a small list of comparisons between most prevalent carpet cleaning myths and truths.

Myth no.1: I have recently bought my carpet. It is not even a year, so it does not need cleaning

Truth: This is one of the common mistakes most of the carpet owners do. The dirt and dust particles accumulate every passing day, and till the time they are visible to our naked eyes, it has already caused enormous damage.

The accumulated grime could break the fibers making you purchase a new one sooner than expected.

Myth no.2: I do not need professional carpet cleaning; it is required only in case of stains

Truth: Stains are the visible damages to your carpet. But, there are several other factors like bacteria, dirt, grime, and dust that ruins the carpet without being seen by naked eyes

DIY approach is helpful only if implemented with utmost care and knowledge. Professional carpet cleaners are well-trained for their jobs with proper techniques, use of elements and cleansers. It is always advisable to clean the carpets at least once in a year professionally.

Myth no.3: Carpet cleaning should be done only in summers

Truth: Never! Because if this will be true than if you live in humid regions, you would never clean your carpets

The most efficient method of cleaning is steam cleaning; as this process involves deep and thorough cleaning of the carpet. In this approach, carpet is made entirely wet, and so it 's hard to clean. Hire professionals because they do it with the help of their techniques and various instruments.

Myth no.4: All the carpet cleaning methods are same, and they clean carpets with similar efficiency

Truth: Carpet cleaning is an art and science. Every way that is evolved is different from another

Use of the correct carpet cleaning method is paramount to ensure proper cleaning. Besides, these methods are also employed depending on various conditions like temperature, an area of the room, traffic on the carpet, frequency of cleaning and so on.

Myth no.5: Cheap carpet cleaning machines are as good as the professional ones.

Truth: The professional carpet cleaning setup is of high grade and hence costlier. You cannot just compare with the ones that are available locally in the super markets.

Also, the quality of work done by each of them is easily noticeable.

Myth no.6: If the carpet label states built-in stain resistance, means I am relieved from frequent carpet cleaning

Truth: Built-in resistance is an excellent new thing that helps the carpet to withstand harmful elements to greater extents than the regular ones.

But, they can resist only more than the usual ones but cannot endure them. You still need to clean your carpets!

Keep this list handy so that whenever you are in doubt about cleaning your carpet, you immediately check this out. Hope your next carpet cleaning experience to be better than the last one after reading this article.