Which is Better? Dry Carpet Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

Carpets are a hotbed for accumulating dirt, debris and grime in the lower layers of your carpets.

They are not seen with the naked eye, but are definitely present. Regular vacuuming may not cut it. Hence, you’ll need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Columbia to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly.

There are many carpet cleaning methods, but how do you choose the best out of the available options?

More often than not, the type of carpets in your home will determine which carpet cleaning method is suitable.

That said, dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning are the most popular and effective methods that most local carpet cleaning companies offer.

Let’s look at them in detail.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In this method, the carpets are pre-vacuumed to extract dirt and soil particles. Chemicals or solvents are used to clean the carpets. The cleaning machine uses counter-rotating brushes for better results.

The chemicals are sprinkled all over the carpet. They break the soil or dust particles present on the carpet. They are allowed to settle down for 10 to 15 minutes on the carpet surface. This is then followed by vacuuming.

The name can be misleading as the professionals do use water. But comparatively, it’s very less.

The primary advantage is that the carpets can be used immediately after the process. This technique is widely used in commercial areas.


  • Simple, no advance use of technical equipment
  • Good for cleaning upper surface of carpets


  • Does not clean the lower layers of carpet
  • Can make carpets dirty sooner than expected

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Also known as the hot extraction method, steam cleaning uses a lot of water. In this technique, hot water is induced in the carpet with massive pressure and with the same force, it is extracted from the carpet.

While inserting, the water penetrates deep inside the carpet. This facilitates breaking of water molecules beneath and above the upper surface. This helps in pulling out the dirt, debris, grime, and bacteria from inner layers of the carpet.

Along with hot water, another vital element is the use of detergent. It helps to get rid of stains and dirt quickly, making your carpets shine brightly.

It is the only method that reaches the lowermost layer of the carpet. Moreover, this is a useful method when you have to clean the toughest stains.

The only disadvantage of this method is the drying time as it uses a lot of hot water.


  • Ensures deep cleaning of the carpets
  • Widely used method
  • Highly recommended by manufacturers and carpet cleaning experts


  • Uses expensive equipment for better results
  • Costs more

You can contact carpet cleaning professionals at Dri-Masters for help on which carpet cleaning method is suitable for your carpets. They will also give you an estimate about how much it can cost you.