How to Choose Different Types of Vacuums for Carpet Cleaning?

There are different types of carpet cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners available in the market. Making a choice between all of them can be a difficult task.

So, how do you pick the right vacuum cleaner that best suits your carpet?

Well, here’s the lowdown!

There are two popular types of vacuum cleaners - upright and canister. Most homeowners and professional carpet cleaning companies use them too. You want to know why?

Then let’s look at the pros and cons of each!

Upright Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning

Upright vacuum cleaners are traditional, but they are used more often. The suction head and motor are in the same unit, allowing the user to put pressure during the operation.


  • The cleaning path is usually extensive, which makes them ideal for broader areas. It’s perfect for big spaces.
  • Cost of upright vacuum cleaners is less than canister vacuum cleaners.
  • The design of this mechanism means a bigger space for dust bags. This ensures you don’t need to empty the bags frequently.
  • More efficient as they have motorized brushes. You can clean thick carpets and rugs with ease.
  • The cleaner is in front of you, so you don't have to look back or bend.


  • Due to improper insulation, upright vacuum cleaners are noisier than canister vacuum cleaners.
  • These vacuum cleaners have a broad base. Hence, they are not suitable for narrow areas.
  • They are enormous and quite heavy. So it’s not easy to move and difficult to maneuver around furniture and the staircase.
  • In spite of the latest hose design, it’s difficult to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The canister vacuum cleaners are mainly for smaller homes. They have wheels and are compact. So it’s fairly easy to move them around and clean the carpets.

Furthermore, the unit contains dust bag, engine and filter. The vacuum unit is linked to the cleaning nozzle through a hose.


  • It is powerful and has a lightweight head making it easy to carry around and clean the staircase.
  • Since it’s flexible, it helps cleaning narrow, hard-to-reach areas as well as around the furniture.
  • Good insulation makes them less noisy.
  • They are well-equipped with different toolsets, hence increasing their efficiency.
  • The sealed HEPA systems make these devices the best choice for allergy sufferers.


  • Dragging them behind you can sometimes be a difficult task.
  • It has small wheels, which can get stuck in thick carpets
  • Canister vacuum cleaners are not immediately operational because they need to be assembled before use
  • Your back may start hurting due to constant bending and tugging. However, some brands offer a partial solution for such problems! They add convenient controls on the head or provide a remote control.
  • At times, changing the vacuum heads can be a challenge.

Both the vacuum cleaners have their own set of pros and cons. Depending on how big or small your home is and the carpet areas and non-carpet areas, you need to choose accordingly.

You can also call a professional carpet cleaning company near you for a thorough and deep cleaning of your carpets. Contact 800-897-4032 today.