Tiles and Grout Cleaning: Better to Seek Professional Help

Most people have tile flooring in their kitchen or all over the house. One of the best ways to give a distinctive look to your room, kitchen or bathroom is by using tile flooring. It's long lasting, durable and looks great.

In fact, if you are living in humid places it becomes an obvious choice for flooring. But having ceramic tile flooring in the house does bring in other challenges while cleaning them as they get dirty.

Then how would you know the tile is dirty?

It's simple. Just look at the corner of the room or look under the pantry. You will notice the tile and grout look a shade different than at the center of the chamber.

In time, dirt and grime start to settle down on the tile surface and seeps into the stone, tile and grout flooring. These tiles become a breeding place for bacteria causing diseases.

Certain areas like the bathroom and kitchen are more prone to germ building, and it is important to help in stopping the spread. Anything from dirt, sand, grass, kids, pets, bacteria, viruses, and else that can get attached to shoes, etc. This will make your tile and grout to become dirty.

While many people prefer to mop and sweep the floor regularly to keep from excessive build-up of germs, but those methods do not deliver the deep cleaning that professionals can do for your floors.

Tile and Grout cleaning

Tile and Grout cleaning is a hard work and laborious task, especially when you are doing it yourself. Even then you are not assured of getting the desired results. Grout is the substance in between the tiles, which is a porous material. The Grout collects dirt, spills, and grime which over time discolor the surface. The routine mopping and sweeping of the floor is not sufficient to clean the dirt from the pores of the grout. Many people take matters into their own hands and try cleaning between the tiles with a toothbrush to reach those parts where mobs can't reach. Though, this is easier said than done. After hours of backbreaking scrubbing and brushing, you usually don't have much to show for; this is where professional carpet cleaners can help you.

Professional help

Tile and Grout cleaning and maintenance is one of the most time consuming, and arduous task Facility Service Providers (FSPs) have to deal with. Because of the porous nature of many tiles, dirt and grime become embedded in there. Moreover, Grout discolors the tiles leaving a dirty and unsavory appearance. Professional tile and grout cleaners deep clean the tiles and then apply an acidic detergent cleaner to the floor. The soap is used liberally on the floor and is left for 20 minutes so that it starts to work on the dirt and grime on the floor. After that, they scrub on the grout lines with the help of a special grout brush. Then, using a heavy weighted mechanical rotary, they loosen the grout particles stuck onto the tiles. To give a superior finish to the job they combine heat, pressure and vacuum cleaning. Then, a sealant is used with a dye-based solution applied by hand using a brush and later removed by a leather material.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that their grout lines are stained forever, but actually, you can always get a professional tile and grout cleaning done to get them in better shape. Many companies will color the grouts and not attempt to clean them first. So, choose your cleaner wisely.