Why Carpet Cleaning Method Depends on Carpet Fibers?

If you have various types of carpets at home, then it means you need to use different carpet cleaning methods for each.

But do you know which carpet cleaning method is suitable for which carpet fiber?

Olefin, polyester, wool and wool blend, nylon and acrylic are the popular materials that most carpets are made of.

If you’re not sure of how to clean these types of carpets, then it just makes sense to hire a professional carpet cleaning company in PA or wherever you’re located to get the job done.

This is highly recommended because there are different carpet cleaning methods too. As a homeowner, it’s very difficult to determine the best cleaning method for the different carpets in your home.

Since the experts have the experience and the right equipment, they can provide some great suggestions for the best cleaning techniques.

Some of the carpet cleaning methods that most local companies near you offer are steam cleaning, shampooing, dry carpet cleaning, encapsulation, and bonnet cleaning.

That said, the best method to clean the carpets depend on the carpet materials, environment, placement of carpet, traffic, and age.

So how do the different carpet cleaning methods work?

Steam Cleaning

This is also known as hot water extraction. It is the most recommended method.

This is because it cleans the carpet with utmost efficiency. Moreover, it removes a huge amount of dirt, debris, and bacteria that get accumulated in the lower layers of your carpet.

The only flipside is that this method requires longer drying time because of heavy use of water!


Encapsulation is used for commercial-grade carpets or carpets with a small pile as they need frequent cleaning.

This method dries the carpet quickly.

However, it does not clean the lower layers of the carpet. Plus, it does not work in areas with heavy traffic. This method is not recommended for homes!

Dry Cleaning

Also known as absorbent pad cleaning, it cleans the upper layer of your carpet efficiently. The drying time is significantly reduced because it uses less water for cleaning.

But it doesn’t involve vacuuming. So it may not clean the carpets thoroughly.

You need to remember that it’s important to identify the carpet material and then select the cleaning method. Nylons were used in commercial spaces, but nowadays many prefer polyester.

These are the cleaning methods that most local companies use. They can also tell you which method will be best for the carpets in your home or commercial spaces.

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